XXL Nutrition's quest to become the ultimate training partner

XXL Nutrition is increasingly manifesting itself in the market as a reliable partner for all sports
Written by Guido de Boer
Published on Jul 7, 2023, 10:36:56 AM
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Over the past couple of weeks we XXL Nutrition and Warrior Code have been shining a brighter light on the responsible and effective use of nutritional supplements as part of your diet as a martial artist.

Whilst putting a wide variety of high quality supplements into the market, XXL Nutrition also understands that a lot of people are unsure about, or sometimes completely put off by, the sometimes contradicting and occasionally false statements that hang over them. “Your body can only absorb 20 grams of protein per meal”, “Lactose is harmful to health”, “The more creatine, the greater the effect”. These statements just scratch the surface of what type of inaccurate information consumers come across and decide what and what not to believe and illustrates the challenge XXL Nutrition has decided to take on. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

Really doing what you say

So, XXL Nutrition puts its money where its mouth is and actively tries to engage with existing and potential consumers in a responsible way and in a context that is relevant to a multitude of sports. Whilst fitness still is and will probably remain their biggest focus, the company has been gradually growing a number of meaningful partnerships with some of Holland’s biggest football clubs to become their official supplier of sports nutrition, with platforms in the martial arts like Warrior Code to reach new audiences but also by aligning themselves with high profile athletes such as judo heavyweight Roy Meyer who is a prominent face of the company. 

XXL Nutrition is one of the headline partners of Warrior Code's own widely enjoyed tv shows Warrior Talk

XXL Nutrition as open source

Internally, the brand has set up its own knowledge exchange centre (available in Dutch but translatable through google translate) where it publishes its own research, editorials, interviews, training programs and recipes in both written articles and engaging videos. XXL Nutrition also offers fully complete meatplans and has teamed up with Fit chef to develop bespoke meal plans suited to your training objectives. It’s part of their mission to be the all-round, transparent and reliable training partner.

XXL Nutrion's latest addition: the possibility to curate your own nutrition schedule
For those residing in the Netherlands, you can claim temporary 41% discount on all schedules

Piece of mind for professional athletes

But where the company really goes the extra mile is that they have a line-up of products that carry the broadly respected NZVT label. Professionals from all sports are subjected to drug tests and they need to be absolutely certain that what they use contains no banned substances by accident. The NZVT quality mark gives top athletes 100% certainty that the supplements they use are doping-free.

All products in the NZVT list offer this guarantee and are NZVT approved. The NZVT label is a quality check established in collaboration between the Dutch anti doping agency, NPN (the organisation representing all professionals involved in the trading of food supplements) and the Dutch Olympics association and it cements XXL Nutrition’s position as trustworthy partner of professional athletes.

Browse all NZVT-approved products directly on XXL Nutrition's website

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