About us

With deep respect we welcome you into our world, the world of Warrior Code. A world that is built on the foundation of an ancient philosophy that promotes honour, credibility and respect.

The people welcomed into this world and the followers of this philosophy are martial arts practitioners from all walks of life, world champions, beginners and those who are just interested in the art of combat sports.

We are convinced that martial arts can be a true reflection of the way we should approach our lives and that it can make a responsible yet highly significant contribution to a better world for everyone.

We therefore created Warrior Code – a platform where all that is connected to this art is brought together in one place. Warrior Code is a fully integrated online platform where all expertise, know-how and knowledge about training, competition, rankings, mental and physical health, nutrition, sports gear and many more things are brought together and made easily accessible.

  1. We give young talent a platform to literally fight themselves into the spotlight via our fully integrated streaming service.
  2. Level playing field: we intend to make a positive contribution to increasing transparency, professionalism and connectedness within the world of martial arts.
  3. Sharing of expertise and know-how: thanks to our unique access and expertise, we provide fighters with indispensable insights as they build their career.
  4. Through a dedicated in-house team of journalists and writers, we produce content that will help shape positive perceptions of martial arts as sports for everyone.

Our values: R.E.S.P.E.C.T.








Being in the ring facing your opponent, you have to be strong and present in the moment: fully focused and ready to get a result by defeating your opponent. An opponent you have the utmost respect for, while you are determined to win. This fighter mentality we would like to focus on. Warrior Code intends to pursue efforts to further convey this mentality as part of our broader vision.