GLORY Light-Heavyweight Grand Prix Weigh-Ins Interviews

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GLORY Light-Heavyweight Grand Prix Weigh-Ins Interviews

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1 week ago

I had seen interview last Saturday afternoon and when I saw the bit of Mo Amine I already knew ready he is going down or lose again, by fight against Duut he got too much hype for air and he should not be pathetic critical questions are part of it.

Grand Prix was fireworks and enjoyed the whole event !!!!

Rajab fought elbouni nice and gives sensation, but come on guys that footage showed it multiple times where Rajab gave something like 3 headbutts and also an elbow, and he completely hides that by mowing it loose, you can't let that go unpunished (though I did think Maslobojev should have gone on, but about the criticism he gave he is absolutely right)

Abena had very good game plan and got through to Rajab and punished him and that other fighter will pick it up and because rajab is not technical he is going to have a hard time in the future.

and rajab shouldn't have acted pathetic by saying i postponed surgery for a year bla bla bla he should have said after all that tough talk ready have had angle and loss is part of it ready and don't act like postponing surgery has to do with him having caught an angle.

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1 week ago

Rico is a little kid! Men I know you do not want to mention Rico in your broadcast. But as visibility yesterday again behaved. The whole room goes out of ze roof at a nice ko of bachram and he continues to stare ahead. I mean he must be a kickboxing fan and enjoy this, right? But no he can't stand the fact that he is seen as a boring champion who doesn't sell out venues and then hates on the one who is a crowd pleaser. If you look at the ufc, for example, there are always top fighters and champions in the hall and if a nice fight happens and the camera goes along the audience you always see them completely hyped. I just noticed that and then after his boring tournament win with no real opposition and after he second match against badr where those starlets saw did go back to humberto and say "nobody!!!" 😂 he really is the champion with the most luck ever in fight history kwa the level of opponents and injuries suffered by opponents. And now probably some people are going to say again yes but he does always get up, true but that is also the only thing because the quality is not around to finish it off..... furthermore if I have a hard time falling asleep one night it's an option to type in Rico on YouTube. Keep up the episodes toppers !

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1 week ago

Hi @Marinho1976 and @RemyBonjasky

I can hardly believe that Maslobojev himself has indicated that he no longer wishes to continue. And should this be the case, did he not say this out of emotion and was intervention too quick?

Rajabzadeh is a top fighter and a joy to watch but hasn't this been seized with 2 hands by Glory to give their new star Rajabzadeh an easy route into the finals?

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1 week ago

So I thought the same thing. Besides, it went very fast and I wonder in what language they asked him something. They should ask something like that in Russian, before you throw someone out of the tournament like that. That's how they do it in the UFC, too. Glory has little need for champions from the former SU, as was evident with Vakhytov.

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1 week ago

Maslobojev should have been allowed to continue, but then again they should have just deducted a point after such a wildly stupid action by rajeh, not on purpose so you are just allowed to give a full headbutt and slice open your opponent's whole face without any consequence, of course also makes no sense at all.

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1 week ago

Well that Mo Amine we won't see back in Glory after this fight either, tiresome interview again.

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