"Badr Geeft Me Extra Motivatie" Robin Ciric In Aanloop Naar Zijn Gevecht Op GLORY 91

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Teodor gaat op bezoek bij Robin Ciric. Robin Ciric vecht op 27 april tegen Camara tijdens GLORY 92. Teodor vraagt hem naar zijn gevecht, toekomst en welterweight divisie.

Uploaded on Apr 13, 2024, 9:31:01 AM (1 month ago)

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Rachid Jansen
1 month ago

Good interview by Teodor! One gets to know the person Robin Ciric better. Positive guy. Is open to improvement. With Mike he has very good sparring partners. That move to another gym is certainly better at this level. I hope he wins his match now. Camara is a tough opponent. But it will work.

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