A fighter in Power Slap League: “I may die here”

A fighter in Power Slap League: “I may die here”
Published on Feb 2, 2023, 12:08:58 PM

Slap fighting has emerged as one of the most contentious topics in combat sports today, yet participants in the discipline are aware of the risks involved and appear eager to take a gamble.

Jewell Scott presently competes in Dana White's Power Slap league. Scott has experience in both professional boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA), but the 38-year-old has dedicated the last year to slap fighting.

White's Power Slap league has drawn criticism for its brutal treatment of helpless competitors, which has forced sportsmen like Scott to defend their motivation for competing. Although Scott has been providing some of the best Power Slap moments, the former professional fighter still runs the risk of suffering a life-threatening injury.

“I’m kind of thinking along the same lines with the thought in the front of my mind that I may get killed here, or I may die here,” said Scott in a recent interview with Complex. “So I’m willing to do whatever I have to do to not only survive, but win and be victorious.”

It's somewhat disturbing to learn this, but the Nevada State Athlete Commission's approval of White's Power Slap league has many fighting experts scratching their heads as to how it was ever possible. Only two episodes of the TBS-exclusive slap fighting series have been shown, but the video footage from those matches already makes it clear that there is clearly something wrong with this.

Scott won't be the last guy to find a place in White's Power Slap league; others have done it before him. Some of these athletes find it challenging to pass up the chance to make a statement when the president of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is directing the show.

While Scott accepts the risks associated with White's Power Slap league, it is only fair to point out that he has studied slap fighting and hasn't discovered a lot of data to support any long-term consequences.

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