Designing the A-Z work-out: how to approach pre-work-out as a martial artist

Warrior Code and XXL Nutrition dive into the world of pre-workouts
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Published on Jul 4, 2023, 1:27:01 PM
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Over the past few weeks, XXL Nutrition and Warrior Code have been taking martial artists on a journey to untangle the world of food supplements and educate these fighters along the way on how they may be able to benefit on their quest to become the martial artists they have set their mind on to be.

A lot of the attention has gone to the work that is put in during training and how you can give yourself the best possible recovery. Still, a less explored area for many is what you can do before your training, apart from a warm-up and perhaps a good night's sleep, to give yourself the best possible shot at an effective work out: pre work-out.

The term pre-work-out has indeed been taking the world of fitness by storm by storm already. Yet, the how, when and what around pre-work-out for martial artists deserve more explanation. In this article we will explore further how combat artists may be able to benefit from it too.

First things first

What is exactly meant by pre-work out? XXL Nutrition defines it as a nutritional supplement that athletes use to improve their performance during training. It is usually taken before exercise and can help increase alertness due to ingredients such as caffeine.

Although each brand uses different ingredients, the composition of caffeine and creatine ensures optimal performance. The ingredients of a pre-workout are formulated in such a way that blood circulation is promoted, the body is supplied with energy and the ingredients make you sharper.

The body needs about 15 to 30 minutes to absorb the pre-workout. It is best to take the supplement via a shake with some water. Do you want to start using pre-workouts? Then you need to know what you are using it for. It is recommended to tailor the supplements to the goal you want to achieve.

Kickboxer Ilias Bulaid is one of the trusted faces of XXL Nutrition

The Pro's of a pre-workout

Benefits that almost every athlete experiences are, in addition to improving your focus and increasing strength, that it ensures longer endurance and stronger motivation. By taking a pre-workout you generally perform better, you get into the mood faster and it also promotes the mental aspect in addition to your physical effort.

the potential con's

Any disadvantages of a pre-workout mainly have to do with the amount of supplements one takes or the ingredients that are included. Due to the energy boost, a late evening workout can lead to a worse night's sleep so keep that in mind. In addition, a reduced appetite also regularly falls on the list of the disadvantages of a pre-workout. Although every body is different and would therefore react differently to a supplement, it is wise to always check the risk for allergies beforehand.

At the core, many Pre Workouts contain the same kind of ingredients, supplemented with a 'proprietary blend'. This is a mix of substances that the manufacturer puts in a Pre Workout, without having to indicate the size of each dose.

As such, it's crucial that a martial artists who always reaches for the their physical and mental limits that you educate yourself properly on how it could affect your composition.

Tayfun Özcan also works together a lot with the brand to get the most out of his career

XXL Nutrition's transparancy

However, XXL Nutrition has made it one of its focal points to be super transparent about what is exactly in their products. As such, on each product label you will find which substances are used and in exactly what quantity.

XXL Nutrition has a suitable Pre Workout Booster for every athlete hopefully making it easier for any type of athlete who is interested in trying pre-work-out to find something that suits their body composition.

There are many different types of Pre Workout, mainly because of the different compositions and so, if you are unsure whether you are looking for in a Pre Workout for the first time, XXL Nutrition recommends that you check out Blast! Pre-Workout. It's been one of their best seller for years.

If you prefer something that doesn't come in powder form, then try Xplode Pre Shot or Pre shot - pre-mixed pre workout shots made from the highest quality active ingredients.

If you prefer to drink energy drinks throughout the day, Venom Pre-Workout Drink this is the perfect match. This delicious, refreshing drink contains a whopping 200 mg of caffeine per can.

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