Enfusion x GLORY Rivals - Round 2

Enfusion and Glory kickboxing join forces again
Published on Apr 25, 2022, 10:07:05 AM

Kickboxing associations Enfusion and Glory have added a second chapter to their partnership by adding another tournament between fighters from both organisations this spring in the Netherlands under the “Glory rivals” umbrella. The format remains a novelty albeit a very positive one. One of the fights to keep an eye out for is of newly signed Glory fighter Endy Semeler who headlines GLORY Rivals 1 on May 21st. Dubbed by Remy Bonjasky as one of the most "exciting fighters" to watch at the moment but gives him a word of caution, too: "This is one of those career defining moments. If he wins, he will have officially established himself on the fighting scene but if he loses, well, that's a scenario he probably doesn't want to think about."

The two competing associations held their first joined event at the start of this year with the aim to bring in a new structure to the sport, give upcoming talent a chance to fight themselves into the picture at the highest as well as pit their best fighters against the other promotion’s best fighters. The result: a series of really exciting fights that normally would not have happened.

There have been more voices campaigning that kickboxing has become too fragmented with lots of fighters being essentially imprisoned in their respective contracts and not allowed to compete against fighters outside of their associations.

Blaine Henry, owner of Fight Library, describes the situation as follows: "Kickboxing is a sport that needs a shot in the arm. You always hear people complaining about the wrestling in MMA, which is arguably the most important aspect of the sport. It seems like standup fights, kickboxing and Muay Thai, would be more popular yet the UFC has done a perfect job at marketing itself despite fans not liking half of what fights are made of. It’s the lack of good marketing that makes kickboxing so realatively unknown."

The partnership between Glory and Enfusion also comes as an opportune moment. Kickboxing was only recently recognised by the IOC (Olympic committee) and may try and push to be included in the games in the future. Henry: "Having more eyes on the sport of kickboxing worldwide will not only grow the sport, but also provide a cash injection to snowball that effect as well. More money, more recognition."

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