Fighter knocks out opponent during press conference

Fighter knocks out opponent during press conference
Published on Dec 19, 2022, 7:20:09 AM

Fighter knocks out opponent during press conference

MMA fighters are used to trash-talking during press conferences in order to generate interest for their upcoming fights, however, in the Hardcore Fighting Championship, fighters took the actual fight to the stage.

The Russian bare-knuckle boxing promotion was conducting a press conference for their forthcoming event when fighter Javid Rzayev arrived on camera with a microphone and began trash-talking one of the fighters. The opposing party stood up and walked up to Rzayev. He exchanged a few words with Rzayev before delivering a right punch that rendered him unconscious.

The other fighters watched from their seats in shock at what had just happened, and Rzayev required help to stand up again.

It is strange that there wasn't any security present, especially in light of the way in which a fighter who was obviously not authorised to be there managed to stop proceedings. This has happened before in the promotion, which has a reputation for having fights break out in the middle of press conferences.

On social media, there were some who believed it was a manufactured PR stunt, but the promotion said the fighter who hit Rzayev would be disqualified from his battle.

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