Former UFC fighter not happy with recent judgements

Former UFC fighter not happy with recent judgements
Published on Jun 9, 2023, 11:26:43 AM
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Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub mentioned "the only" scenario that he believes would compel Dana White to acknowledge and correct the judging system concerns.

Recent odd scoring judgements have left the MMA world bewildered and, in some cases, enraged, putting the UFC's judging system under heavy scrutiny.

Amir Albazi and Kai Kara-France's recent main event at UFC Vegas 74, which ended in a highly contentious manner, is a noteworthy instance of this. Although the judges gave Albazi a split-decision victory, the media and the majority of fans felt that Kara-France should have been named the winner.

 While criticising UFC president Dana White, Brendan Schaub brought attention to the ongoing judging system issue in the company. 'Big Brown' said during a recent episode of the Thiccc Boy podcast:

“The only time you're gonna get a change when Dana White's enough. But to Dana, he's putting out other fires, dealing with other business or he's just like 'we're just making money, who give's a sh*t about the judging.' Trust me if it became such a problem, which it is, it became such an issue where they started losing money trust me you'd have a change in judging by next week."

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