What is T8KO? And is Andrew Tate Involved?

What is T8KO? And is Andrew Tate Involved?
Published on Nov 28, 2022, 7:05:44 AM
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T8KO is a new kickboxing organisation promoted by former MMA athlete and Kickboxer Andrew Tate.  The idea of this organisation is to revive fight nights like in a tournament. T8KO claims to be the first company to give the fighters a 50% part of the overall revenues.

The tournament consists of fights in 3 different divisions namely Lightweight(70KG), Middleweight (80KG) and Heavyweight (open weight). All three divisions will start from the Round of 16, followed by Quarter-final, Semi-final and the final. The first event is scheduled to be held on the 21st of January in Alkmaar, Netherlands.

T8KO also plans to hold cage events hosting Xtreme Stand Up & MMA fight nights.

Rules of the tournament

·       A fight is being judged by 5 people. Each judge has to point out a winner. In case of a 3-2 score, we have an extra, must win-round.

·       Because of the PPV, the fighter is obliged to select entrance music from the T8KO library, which you can find on the website.

·       Only the fighter enters the ring by walking over the catwalk, the coaches do not walk over the catwalk.

·       Fighters who have a profit share deal will have a minimum guaranteed purse.

·       For each event, there will be individual profit share agreements

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