Fighters and their pre-fight ritual

Fighters and their pre-fight ritual
Published on Jan 3, 2023, 8:49:17 AM
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One could reasonably assume that a person who is willing to lock themself in a cage to knock out another person has no actual fears, but that is not necessarily the case. Being extremely superstitious, many well-known fighters think that skipping their pre-fight rituals will cause them to lose. Here are 5 such fighters who have some unusual pre-fight rituals.

1.   Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor has lost a lot of MMA fans because of his empty trash-talk, but it's impossible to deny that his pre-fight routine is incredibly moving. McGregor has revealed that he has a hat from his grandfather in his suitcase for each of his fights. A quick moment of reverence and recollection is unlikely to be expected from a personality like McGregor, yet he's reported to have performed the routine before each of his fights.

2.   Manny Pacquiao

Being a six-division champion, Pacquiao is rightfully regarded as one of the best boxers of all time. He won 62 of his 72 matches, including 39 knockouts. How did he get ready for his battles? He did stay away from his wife, only ever seeing her in group, but he also had another ritual. He liked to slurp Bulalo, a native Filipino soup consisting mostly of bones. His personal chef, Nonoy Neri, prepares the dinner with cabbage and seasonings.

3.   Cub Swanson

Rarely do MMA athletes actually perform basic and typical pre-fight rituals. Cub Swanson, one of those fighters, tries to position himself so he can do what needs to be done to knock another opponent to the ground. Swanson has claimed that in order to block out the outside world, he spends some time alone in a room's corner. Then, in order to get in the correct frame of mind, he recalls a point in his life when things weren't so good.

4.   Brandon Vera

Brandon Vera, though, practises a ritual that appears to be far more based in superstition. According to reports, Vera packs his bags twice just before a big bout, rather than just once for the drive to the fight. There aren't many facts about why he does what he does, but each fighter has their own set of rituals.

5.   Tyson Fury

Currently, Tyson Fury is undoubtedly the most thrilling heavyweight boxer. He is also a fantastic fighter, a puncher who can take a beating and still outduel the best. The world's heavyweight champion does this by engaging in an unorthodox pre-fight ritual. To boost his testosterone levels, Fury likes to masturbate. "I have to be active and keep the testosterone flowing for the battle," he explained. "I don't want the levels to drop.

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