How to throw the perfect Hook

How to throw the perfect Hook
Published on Jan 10, 2023, 11:07:45 AM

One of the most lethal blows you can have in your arsenal in boxing is the hook. Because they are brief, compact, and travel only a short distance from the starting point to the target, hooks are extremely effective. If you throw the hook with the right technique, they also support the majority of your weight behind each strike. Here are the few steps you should follow to throw the perfect hook.


For a good punch, you need a solid boxing stance. It offers a solid base, allowing you to use your weight to your advantage and produce force and speed with each blow. Standing with your hands and non-dominant (lead) foot ahead and your feet shoulder-width apart, your knees should be slightly bent.

Learn the technique

Actually, there are two different kinds of hooks. Depending on your posture, there are two hooks: the lead hook and the rear hook.

The lead hook is excellent for use as a counter because it travels the shortest distance. It has the ability to surprise opponents and strike them unexpectedly. As you turn your torso towards your opponent, dig in with your lead foot, planting your feet firmly. Put all of your weight and the strength coming from your base behind the hook. The right weight shift is essential for a strong hook. The Rear Hook is identical to the Lead Hook in technique, but it comes from the opposite side of your body, so you don't have to transfer any of your weight before punching.

Because arm punches don't cause much harm, avoid using them. The strength of a good, strong punch comes from the complete body, not just the arms.

Use a target to practise

Your hooks will carry more power and cause more damage if they are faster and more explosive. The heavy bag is the ideal tool for speed and power training. You can throw your complete weight behind each punch when using the heavy bag. Similarly, you are teaching your hands how to give and take impact. You may develop a really strong hook by constantly working on the heavy bag.

Practise a lot

As you train with your standard heavy bag, gradually introduce these new punches while shadowboxing in front of the mirror. Although these hook punches are highly challenging to master, persistent practise and discipline will enable you to throw and land lead and rear hooks with strength, accuracy, and efficiency.

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