How to throw the perfect leg kick

How to throw the perfect leg kick
Published on Jan 13, 2023, 9:50:16 AM

A well-timed leg kick can throw the opponent off balance and open the door for a punch.


To generate the most force, and collateral damage, take the following steps.

·       With your front leg, take a diagonal step forward and out, placing your foot on the mat.

·       Turn your hips and shoulders while pivoting on your front foot with your knee bent, then begin to strike with your back leg.

·       Think about wielding an axe in a chopping motion rather than swinging across like a baseball bat as you arc your shin down onto your opponent's leg.

·       In order to generate power and keep your balance, swing your rear arm back.

·       Aim with your knee; it should move past your target, and your shin should land in the correct location with your leg slightly bent.

·       To protect your head from your opponent's strikes while you kick, slightly squat and veer off the centerline.

·       Maintain your defence tight the entire time; your head, shoulders, and arm position should provide some protection on one side, and you should keep your opposite hand raised as well.

Where to strike?

There are two main targets on the leg, the thigh and the calf. The thigh is the focus of traditional martial arts like karate and muay thai. However, the calf kick was just recently "discovered" in MMA and has since revolutionised stand-up fighting as a whole.

Even though the thigh is not particularly small, there are several areas that merit attention. The most hurtful place for the kick to land is on the bottom of the quadriceps muscle, directly above the knee.

The distinction between an inner and an outside leg kick is another important one in leg kicks. The inside leg kick, as the name suggests, is performed on the inside of the thigh. You kick on the outside of the thigh when you use the outside leg kick.

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