How to throw the perfect overhand punch

How to throw the perfect overhand punch
Published on Jan 13, 2023, 7:49:47 PM

An overhand is typically thrown when your opponent is slipping or dipping too much. With the overhand, you can throw a powerful blow that will catch the opponent off surprise by lowering your body weight. Here are the few steps you should follow to throw the perfect overhand punch.


To throw an effective overhand, your left foot must move in the same direction as your punch. So, if you fight in an orthodox posture, your front foot will travel forward and to the left, matching the punch trajectory. The fact that you move your complete body in one direction helps to make this punch forceful.

In order to get your arm around your opponent's guard before plunging it in, you must first step in, shift your weight to your front leg, and form an arc with your arm.

Learn the footwork

The strategy varies when it comes to footwork; some like to throw an overhand on their back foot, while others prefer to step forward.

For Back foot: Keep in mind that while throwing the punch while on your back foot, you should keep a wide stance to give yourself room to fall back easily. Once the blow has been delivered, you must roll out as soon as you can to avoid being countered.

For Front foot: By shifting your weight forward, you give your punches additional force and power. Not only does stepping forward provide you more force, but it also keeps your feet square, which maintains your balance.

Work on your Reflexes

In order to counter with overhands, you typically have to lure your opponent. If you have quick reflexes, an overhand counter will work wonders for you. If you have quick reflexes, you can force your opponent to throw a jab; once he or she does, you can slap their hand down and loop an overhand above it.

Practise using heavy bag

Use a heavy bag in the shape of a tear, like a maize bag, for overhand drills. If not, you can also utilise regular heavy bags to hone your abilities and build your strength. Finally, to add more power, improve on your foot positioning.

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