KSI: “Jake Paul can beat Tommy Fury”

KSI: “Jake Paul can beat Tommy Fury”
Published on Dec 19, 2022, 7:16:39 AM

KSI: “Jake Paul can beat Tommy Fury”

KSI predicted that Jake Paul would win if he ever got a showdown with Tommy Fury.

The Paul-KSI dispute dates back his fight with Fury, who surfaced as a potential opponent at the start of last year. Fans, meanwhile, are eager to watch the American take on Love Island's unbeaten boxing sensation Fury, whose sibling is world heavyweight champion Tyson.

KSI, who has also shown interest in facing Fury, thinks Paul would prevail if the two ever engaged in combat. Both times the duo agreed to a fight, the Brit withdrew—once because of an injury and again because he was unable to enter America—because of travel-related problems.

"I think, I hate to say it, I think Jake will win it," KSI responded when asked about the potential fight at yesterday's press conference for his own bout with Dillon Danis. "I think Tommy hasn't really been tested - he's been tested a few times chin-wise and he has been a bit wobbly.

"And I just think Jake has just dedicated more time to the training compared to Tommy. I think Tommy just does the boxing because it's the thing to do in his family. But I don't think he's as dedicated as someone like Tyson or his other brothers. So I think Jake will win that, as much as I hate to say it."

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